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General client configuration
Configuring clients to work with multiple domains
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General client configuration

When configuring clients for sending email, it is recommended that you configure them to use port 587 rather than 25, and turn on SMTP AUTH with CRAM-MD5. Keeping client to server SMTP traffic on port 587 keeps it separate from server to server SMTP traffic on port 25. This has a number of advantages, including making it easier to apply better security on port 25, avoiding disruption to clients if port 25 is overloaded, and avoiding any sort of problems for roaming clients if port 25 is blocked, proxied, or otherwise filtered by the ISP they are connecting through.

For IMAP clients, EIMS does not need a prefix (Location prefix, IMAP path prefix, etc.), leave it blank.

If an IMAP client doesn't have separate options to create mailboxes or folders, you can create a folder by putting a : on the end of the name specified.

For LDAP clients, EIMS does not need a search base, you can leave it blank.

Configuring clients to work with multiple domains

To have clients log in to EIMS for any domain other than the default domain, the simplest option is to have the client log in with the full user name and domain.

For most modern clients (eg: Eudora 6, OS X Mail, Thunderbird) configuring them to log in with both the username and the domain is a simple case of entering user@domain in the Username or User Name field.

For clients that don't allow you to enter an @ in the user name field (eg: old versions of Netscape), or ignore the @ and everything after it (eg: Mulberry) enter user%domain.

For older clients that only have a single field for the user name and the server (eg: Claris Emailer, old versions of Eudora) enter user%domain@server.

Mac Eudora

EIMS supports the Eudora Auto-Configure feature, you can use that to automatically configure most settings in Eudora.

Eudora 6.2.4 can be configured to use port 587 for sending by turning on the checkbox called "Use submission port (587)".

You can configure Eudora 6.1 and later to use a different port for sending by entering host:port for the SMTP Server, eg:

For earlier versions of Eudora, you can use x-eudora-setting:7211 to change the SMTP port number. Use x-eudora-setting:7211@personality, where personality is the name of a personality configured in Eudora, to configure the SMTP port just for that personality.

The POP3 "Overlap commands" setting is supported by EIMS.

OS X Mail

Use Challenge-Response MD5 for POP3, IMAP, and SMTP authentication.

On OS X 10.5 turn on "Use IDLE setting if the server supports it".





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